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Nadya Zaheer

Nadya Zaheer is a performer, singer, and teacher, on a mission to change the world through music, one student at a time.

In pursuit of honing her craft and combining her love for singing and storytelling, Nadya joined LASALLE's BA (Hons) Musical Theatre Degree program in 2018. Since her graduation, Nadya has continued to grow and evolve as a singer, immersing herself in various musical ventures. Currently engaged in writing her own music, which she plans to release with Mosta Records, she also takes on the role of lead vocalist with MOTUS, showcasing her incredible vocal talents. 

Nadya is also a musical theatre actress, with credits including Three Years in the Life and Death of Land (The Necessary Stage), The Paiseh Pieces (The Second Breakfast Company), and The Secret Life of Haw Par Villa by Patch and Punnet. Nadya Zaheer is thrilled to play the title role in Wild Rice's production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs later this year.

As a vocal coach, she endeavours to impart her passion to others, demonstrating that anyone can learn to sing. Her unbridled idealism is matched with a hardworking spirit and a hunger for continuous growth as a performer, a teacher, and  a singer.

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