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for Singing

Programme Description 

Helmed by Singapore's leading vocal pedagogues from the nation's premier music institutions, The Voice Company's "DSA Programme for Singing" was developed with decades of experience in guiding students into their dream schools. 


For admission into:

- Secondary School
- Junior College
- SOTA Music Course: Vocal Studies

Prepare for success in the following DSA Tracks:

- Choir CCA

- Music Elective Programme (MEP)

- SOTA Music: Vocal Studies

Highly specialised curriculum targeting every facet of DSA preparation:

- Mastering Repertoire Choices

- Perfecting Video Auditions

- Excelling in In-person Auditions & Interviews

- Expert Application Guidance for Parents





Register for a free DSA Consultation with our artistic team today!
Empower your child with the skills needed for DSA success and your family with the guidance needed to support your child through this Journey. 
All potential students who wish to enrol in the DSA Programme are required to attend a comprehensive, in-depth assessment and consultation with one of our Artistic Directors. This allows our artistic team to get to know each student’s technical and artistic proficiencies, assign a suitable voice teacher and carve a programme that would best suit their needs. 

Things to prepare for the DSA Consultation:
  1. A song of your choice

  2. Performance portfolio (if any) 


DSA Consultation Registration

Preferred Assessment and Consultation Slots (You are encouraged to select multiple options)
Select the DSA Tracks of interest for your child, you may select multiple options
DSA Form
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