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Our Programmes


The Voice Company Programme
Our holistic programme aims to nurture a sensitive, musical and skilled singer and artist. Students can choose which voice lesson durations and format will best suit their needs. Apart from the weekly standard voice lessons, students also attend a monthly 1.5–2 hour multifaceted group session featuring one of these three components each month – Recitals, Masterclasses or Holistic Training Sessions.







1-1: 30/45/60 mins

GROUP: 60 mins






Holistic Training Session


Direct School Admission for secondary schools (DSA-Sec) Enhanced Programme

This is a preparatory programme that is customised to the goals and needs of each student for DSA applications. Students will work with faculty that are experienced in preparing students for DSA, and gain help in interview skills and portfolio curation. On top of The Voice Company Standard Programme, students will have a monthly audition exercise, involving a pre- recorded audition evaluated by our ADs, or a live audition masterclass.

Pre-recorded audition: they will practice recording a video audition and parents will receive a review by one of our artistic directors.

Live Audition Masterclass: students will undergo mock auditions and interviews conducted by our faculty, and receive feedback on their interview and presentation skills.

Customised Preparatory Course

For students who are working towards specific goals, we are happy to create a customised course that will suit your needs. A couple examples of potential courses are below:


This is a customisable option for students who wish to explore writing their own original music, and want guidance from experienced song-writers. Work with acclaimed theatre composer-arranger-director Elaine Chan on song-writing, and receive lessons in singing technique from our vocal faculty.

Flex-Time Package

For students who are interested in focusing solely on vocal technique and repertoire, or who need flexibility in lesson timings due to their schedules, an option is available to buy a package with lesson credits that can be utilised over a period of 6 months.

Get in touch with us, and we can help to plan a course that is suited to your goals and interests.

All potential students who wish to enrol in The Voice Company will be invited for a comprehensive, in-depth assessment and consultation with one of our Artistic Directors. This is to allow our artistic team to get to know each student’s technical and artistic proficiencies, assign a suitable voice teacher and carve a programme that would best suit their needs.

Things to prepare for your Assessment and Consultation:
  1. A song of your choice

  2. Performance portfolio (if any) 


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