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Rayhan Tee

Rayhan Tee is a pop singer and vocal pedagogue based in Singapore.


He is a Certified Voice Instructor with the Institute of Vocal Advancement (IVA) and a practitioner of Dr. Gordon’s Music Learning Theory. He graduated with a Diploma in Music (with Distinction) for Voice from LASALLE College of the Arts. He is experienced teacher, and notably was the vocal coach for local artist Owen Li. He has a passion for guiding new singers to explore their voices in a healthy way, and to empower people with the confidence to sing.


He is also a versatile performer in the contemporary scene in Singapore, having performed in multiple genres and venues. He was featured as a soloist on Red Dot Radio with the band Coming Back Home, in Sing! Men’s Chorus Concert, and in the band B#. He has also performed as part of an acapella group, the Jingles, for the Universal Studios Singapore. He was featured in the Theatre Production “Furthest North, Deepest South” as a sound effects artist, musician and vocalist.

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