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Dr. Darius Lim

"Growing up, I ventured into a multifaceted arts practice in choral singing, composition, and piano performance. These experiences moulded me to become the musician I am today. I strongly believe it is the holistic and multifaceted diversity of musical experiences that enriches and brings out the best in every individual. Now, we have a place to bring that out."

Singaporean Composer-Conductor Dr. Darius Lim is the Founder and Artistic Director of the Voices of Singapore Festival & Choral Society. He is one of the most sought-after musicians of his generation with his choral works and arrangements sung by choirs from all corners of the globe. An internationally published composer (Edition Peters, Walton Music, Muziksea, Pana Musica) and established conductor, he is most known for his unique infusion of lyrical, dramatic, instrumental, and theatrical elements in both the choirs he directs as well as his choral music. 

Dr. Lim's interests lie in serving the community through the pursuit of building communities through musical excellence and artistic experiences that would inspire and uplift. In 2020, he was invited by TEDx to present “The Voices of Singapore – Strengthening a Nation Through Choral Singing”. 

His numerous hats in the music industry include Council Member in the Asia Pacific Choral Council, Board Chairman of the World Alliance of Children’s Choirs, and Deputy General-Secretary of the National Instructors & Coaches Association. He has also served on various other international music adjudication panels and boards around the world. He has held former posts as President of the Choral Directors Association (Singapore), Associate Choirmaster of the Singapore Symphony Children’s Choir and Music Director of the National University of Singapore Society Choir.

Dr. Lim is most known for his work as founder of the Voices of Singapore Choral Society - one of the country’s leading choral societies with 20 choral singing groups that range from children’s choirs to adult choruses, a professional choir, special needs choir, and various other ensembles. Among the numerous recognitions and accolades garnered under the Voices of Singapore Choral Society, the Singapore Virtual Choir received international acclaim when their rendition of “Home” by Dick Lee went viral and was displayed and played at the Singapore National Museum. Virtual choir recordings by Voices of Singapore which have collectively garnered over 1.5 million views are also used for national-level events and set as a benchmark for virtual choirs in Singapore. He also runs the annual Voices of Singapore Festival that brings together more than 10,000 people from all walks of life to sing at the iconic Chijmes Hall. 

Dr. Darius Lim was the first Asian choral conductor to graduate from the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama with a Masters in Choral Conducting (with Distinction) and attained his Doctor of Musical Arts from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music.

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